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I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, aunt, cousin, friend and public servant.  I’m cheerleader, a motivator, an amateur comedienne, and someone who loves to talk.  Just ask my friends!  I’m usually talking about my amazing children, my Morgan Park High School Mustangs, planning a social event and finding ways to give to and celebrate others.  I’m on a constant spiritual journey to try to stay in tune with my life’s purpose and my life’s work.  I believe that our lives are not our own; that we were all put on this earth to leave it just a little bit better than we found it.
I believe that we have a unique opportunity to help shape the world through the lens of our youth and our own life’s experiences.  
I believe that every person wants to just DO and BE good. 
I want everyone to do their best, to see the best in others.  
I love sharing my experiences!  We are all so much more alike that we tend to believe.  My mistakes, challenges, struggles, and pain have made my successes, accomplishments, opportunities and good times, that much sweeter!  
We get one life.  Choose happy! Find your purpose! Make a difference!

Giving back. 

•       A lifelong resident of the South Side of Chicago

•       A resident of the 22nd Police District for over 20 years

•       Career Healthcare Professional

•      Community Organizer

•       Chairperson of the Morgan Park High School Local School Council for 12 years

•       Founding member of three local Nonprofit organizations: Moms of CPD, Heart of 21 Community Collaborative & Wonderful Woman Wednesday

•       Member of Morgan Park High School Alumni Association

•       Member of League of Women Voters of Chicago

•       Board Member of the Mani Adams Jr. Legacy Foundation

•       Bachelor of Science, Social Science, Depaul University

•       Master of Public Administration, Southern Illinois University, Spring 2023 Candidate

Vote Carisa Parker on February 23rd, 2023
for 22nd Police District Council!

My love for Chicago means that we are honest about issues that impact our City.  Chicago has a tremendous responsibility to build systems that create more effective policing and safer communities.  District Councils give us the unique opportunity to increase public safety by way of the following goals:

  • Increasing accountability of CPD, COPA and the Police Board

  • Ensuring that CPD activities maximize public health and safety and minimize harm to residents

  • Building trust between CPD and the people it serves

  • Increasing public input and support for CPD policies and activities

As a staunch advocate for health and educational equity and safe communities, I wholeheartedly believe that to fully tackle all forms of violence in our neighborhoods, we must all be engaged.

Your vote for me as a member of the 22nd Police District Council will ensure that our residents feel heard, respected, and empowered.  Our collective work will help bring healing to Chicago. 

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